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Datsun was launched in 1957 in Ludhiana, Punjab India. In the almost eight decades since the launch, fashion and retail markets in India have changed considerably. The brand's tenacious commitment and principles of carving a niche in marketing by manufacturing quality products at competitive prices with the core objective of providing value to it's customers have seen the brand grow from strength to strength. 


Today Datsun is one of the leading brands of mens' winter wear in India with the Datsun range being sold at more than 500 multi-brand retail outlets. The ever increasing number of MBO's is the result of its core values of business i.e. the ever ready preparedness to play as an equal partner in progress with the relationship underpinned by the unwavering quality assurance, value and trust.


Designs inspired by the latest European trends, made with the finest materials on state-of-the-art computerised machines intertwined with an in depth understanding of the practicality of the diverse Indian climate, fashion, and markets, the entire range of sweaters, cardigans and jackets is cherished by more than 200,000 customers every winter.


Datsun is trademark registered brand name for clothing owned by Pahwa Clothing Private Limited, Ludhiana India and displayed on this page are the examples of brand identity being used currently on the genuine products.


Dastun Clothing Brand Logo
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